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Made in America: Make Harley-Davidson great again!

Harley-Davidson manufactures motorcycles, whose design is deeply rooted in the American culture and is subject to the long and unique history of the brand. They combine power and aesthetics, and hardly anyone can withstand their charm.

But how is the popularity of the brand doing in times of anti-Americanism and the fact that the US cult bikes will now soon be produced in Thailand?

Like no other product, the bike embodies a symbol of freedom from the land of endless opportunities. Rocker and Harley-Davidson are both a strong piece of American culture and history. Harley-buyers also purchase this myth and take it to the streets all over the world. So, getting to the bottom of the brand, the bike stands for freedom and tradition. Both of these values are always relevant, because they stand for an authentic attitude towards life, which is more popular now than ever.

Furthermore, the driver is inseparable from his bike: just like every cowboy knew at first glance which horse was his. In the end, it is also a part of freedom and the “endless opportunities” not to drive a Harley from off the shelf. Long before I met my better half, he met “his American girl”, how he affectionately calls it. For his 40th birthday, his dream came true and he and his Road King Custom have been in a happy relationship ever since. Of course, it was optimized according to his wishes.

And this is the most important point regarding the attitude towards life: experiencing happiness. When Heiko comes back from a ride with his American girl, his entire face is beaming. And in the end, that is all that matters.♥

Long live the Harley-Davidson and the American dream!


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